Managing Multi-Level Workflow

This allows the request to be sent to recipients in a particular order, furthermore allowing you to create multi-level workflows.

Let's suppose we have two static Recipients, and the respondent fills the form, now the request is first sent to the first recipient, and only after their approval the request is sent to the second recipient for their approval, thus creating a multi-level workflow.

Here's an Example on how a typical multi-level workflow is carried out.

1. You can drag the highlighted element to reorder the hierarchy of recipients

2. You can alter the email and role of the recipient

3. The Respondent fills out the Google Form.

4. The First recipient receives the request mail for approval and can be approved/rejected.

5. The first recipient approves the request. ((If the recipient rejects the request then the request is not sent to the second recipient.)

6. Now the Second Recipient receives the request mail for approval, and they can Approve/Reject the request.

8. The Second Recipient approves the request.

9. The multi-level workflow approval is completed

10. The Recipient can view the Approval status just by clicking the Dashboard button on the add-on.

11. Now you are able to view the overall status of the approval for the Form response.