GSUITE add-on

The BoloForms Approvals Add-on is a one-stop solution for all your form operations workflows, request approvals, multi-level workflows, and more!
Check out the BoloForms Approvals Add-On here.
If you haven't installed the add-on yet, follow this quick tutorial to get started.
Set-up for G-Suite

Step-by-Step Process for Creating and Approving Forms Through G-Suite Add-on

1. Open an existing Google Form or create a new one!

2. Click on the three dots to the top right which says 'More'

Step 2 screenshot

3. Click on Add-ons

Step 3 screenshot

4. Search for "BoloForms" and then Click on "BoloForms - Approvals" Add-on.

Search for "BoloForms" and then Click on "BoloForms - Approvals" Add-on.

5. Click on Install

Step 5 screenshot

6. Click on CONTINUE

Step 6 screenshot

7. Choose a Google Account using which you are creating Google Forms

Step 7 screenshot

8. Click on Allow when prompted with required permissions. We are verified by Google about needing these permissions to give you the best experience!

Step 8 screenshot

9. Click on DONE

Step 9 screenshot

10. Click on Add-on option and then select "BoloForms - Approvals"

Step 10 screenshot

11. Click on Open

Step 11 screenshot

12. You can Set your Own Questions or Choose from a variety of Templates

Step 12 screenshot

13. This is the Approval Dashboard for the BoloForms Add-on

Step 13 screenshot

14. Click on Add Recipients as required

Step 14 screenshot

15. Add recipient emails and click on save settings

Step 15 screenshot

16. Embed form in processes, when someone opens the form they'll fill in the info and submit

Step 16 screenshot

17. Approver will receive an email to Approve/Reject Request

Step 17 screenshot

18. Approver can add comments, Approve or open in Dashboard

Step 18 screenshot

19. You can check the approval status of your Forms through BoloForms Dashboard

Step 19 screenshot
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