Adding Recipients

Discover the different recipient addition options, offered by BoloForms add-on.

Add a static recipient.
  • Use Case: Robert, the manager needs to approve every request that is made.

Steps to add a static recipient:

1. Click the 'Add Static Email' button.

2. Enter the recipient's email address. (Automated approval/rejection email sent to the recipient for each Google Form submission.)

3. Click 'Save Settings'.

Add a dynamic recipient.
  • Use Case: The respondent enters manager's email while filling the form and then the manager receives the approval request.

Steps to add a dynamic recipient:

1. Click the 'Add Dynamic Email' button.

2. Select the question in which the respondent will fill in their manager's email. Note that the question should contain the term 'email' and if you have just added the question, click the refresh button on the right top of the BoloForms Add-on.

3. Click on 'Save Settings'.

Add multiple alternate recipients.
  • Use Case: An employee's request goes to two managers, while either one can approve it.

Steps to add multiple recipients:

1. First add a single static recipient.

2. Click on the 'add email' button.

3. Add emails as per your convenience.

4. Click 'Save and Close'.