Static and Dynamic Recipients

Where you can choose whether a fixed recipient or a dynamically changing recipient based on the users entry shall receive requests for approval.

Alternate/Multiple Recipients

By clicking on the receiver's email in the workflow card, you can add multiple emails where the request can be sent

Static Recipients


Static Recipients mean that only the selected recipients will receive approval or other kinds of requests. This will be the same for all applicants. Here will only receive an approval email when the form is filled.

Static Recipients can be created by clicking on the "Add Static Recipient button" on the Edit Workflow page

Dynamic Recipients

Dynamic Recipients; as the name suggests, mean that approval requests are sent dynamically based on the entry in the form. To select the recipient; make sure that there is a section in the form that asks for the email where you want the request to be sent. Here that would be the "Managers Email"

Dynamic Recipients can be created by clicking on the "Add Dynamic Redceipient Button" on the Edit Workflow page

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