Assigning Roles to Recipients

In this section you will learn how to assign different roles to recipients.

There are 5 different roles available in the BoloForms add-on:

  • Can Approve- This role is for the recipients that can approve/reject a request.

  • Get Notification- This role is for the recipients who will get notified only in the process of the approval workflow.

    (For eg. In a multi-step approval workflow, if a recipient with the Role 'get notified only' is added in step number 2, they'll get notified with the status of the approval of recipient in step number 1.)

  • Receive PDF- This role is for the people who want to receive a pdf copy for the confirmation of the approval request.

  • Take Signature- In this role the user has to sign and approve. His/her signature will be visible in dashboard

  • Acknowledge - In this role user has to acknowledge that they have received this request

Steps to assign different Roles:

  1. From your Google Form, open the add-on.

  2. Add a recipient.

  3. Click the drop-down menu in front of the 'Role'.

  4. Choose the desired role, and click 'Save Settings'