Lookup Tables

Lookup tables are a feature where approval emails can be sent depending on a filtering criteria.

Say for example that we want to send emails to managers of different departments depending on the department of the form-filling employee. This can be easily and simply achieved with the help of Lookup Tables.

1. In the Form editor, make sure there is a parameter from which you plan to select emails

Here it is a department, so approval emails shall be sent depending on the department selected by the employee eg if IT is chosen then the approval shall only be sent to the IT department manager/managers.

Remember to save your work.

2. Go to Edit Workflow

3. Click on Add Dynamic Recipient

4. Select the parameter you plan to filter by ( here it is Department)

5. Click on the Lookup Table Icon

6. Click on Enable Lookup

7. Click on Edit Lookup Sheet

8. Create your email flow.

Remember to add the filter parameter ( department here) in column A, and the emails following that.

9. In the Lookup settings Sheet1 for lookup and select the first

10. In the Lookup settings select Sheet1 for lookup and select the column with emails where you want the approvals to go

11. You can then repeat this can create multiple levels of dynamic recipients so emails go to the other columns in your sheet.

in the example it would be Manager 2, then Manager 3, and then a Notification to the Finance Department